Polisis provides analyses for political, economic and social topics. In order to evaluate current events, to understand political relations and to take decisions, information and varying scenarios need to be considered. Polisis’ analysis aims at providing a prognosis to add value to information and decisions.

Talks and seminars
Polisis offers the possibility to book Charalampos “Babis” Karpouchtsis for talks and seminars. Currently Babis prepares seminars on the Greek crisis and gives talks regarding the situation and future of Greek-German relations. Various issues can be taken into account if requested. Podium discussions, talk- or radio shows are only some of the possibilities you can turn to polisis for.

Project Development
You need a creative idea to develop, implement and complete a project? Polisis can help you build it from scratch, bringing together the right people and planning events while focusing on results. You want to connect German and Greek start-ups? You need to find business partners in another country or need trustworthy contacts in NGOs abroad? Polisis will support and accompany you and your project from the start to its completion.